Crystal Colour Guide

Image Name Description

Crystal (Clear) Clear, diamond-like

Light Rose Light pastel version of rose, light pink

Rose Dark pink, true 'rose' colour

Fuchsia Bright purple/pink, intense rose, hot-pink

Light Siam Christmas red, brilliant bright red

Siam Very warm red, deep ruby red colour

Light Amethyst Light pastel version of amethyst, lilac, light purple

Amethyst Dark purple

Sapphire Same as 'jewel-tone', medium blue, very rich royal blue

Blue Zircon Teal, turquoise blue, deep rich aqua, ferozi

Aquamarine Aqua, light blue

Peridot Light green, 'spring' green

Emerald Same as 'jewel-tone', rich green

Light Colorado Topaz Light brown

Smoked Topaz Dark brown

Black Diamond Grey, brilliant greyish smoke glass

Hematite Medium grey, black with a silvery mirror surface

Jet Brilliant solid black, opaque black

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